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Role Producer
French Kissing – Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Narrator Audible Studios
Flaneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London Narrator Tantor Audio
The Earthsong Trilogy Narrator Deyan Audio
Archivist Wasp Narrator Listening Library
The Dollmaker of Krakow Narrator Listening Library
Burn Town Narrator Random House Audio
Here and Gone Narrator Random House Audio
The Nordic Theory Of Everything: In Search Of a Better Life Narrator Harper Audio
Stories Of Your Life And Others Narrator Tantor Audio
The Precious One
*Earphones Award
Narrator Harper Audio
We Are Anonymous Narrator Hachette Audio
Ask Me No Questions
*Earphones Award
Narrator Tantor Audio
The 13th Sacrifice Narrator Audible Studios
Princess Charming Narrator Tantor Audio
Bedding Lord Ned Narrator Tantor Audio
The Duchess of Love Narrator Tantor Audio
The Flappers – Diva Narrator Random House Audio
Bringing Up BeBe Narrator Random House Audio
Werewolf in New York City Narrator Tantor Audio
Werewolf in Seattle Narrator Tantor Audio
Werewolf in the North Woods Narrator Tantor Audio
Confessions of an Improper Bride Narrator Tantor Audio
Prey Narrator Random House Audio
Lair of the Lion Narrator Harper Audio
Dark Prince Narrator Harper Audio
Vamps and the City Narrator Harper Audio
The Passage Ensemble Random House Audio
Heads You Lose Narrator Penguin Audio
Everything Matters Ensemble Penguin Audio
Next to Love Narrator Random House Audio
Lucy Narrator Random House Audio
The Things that Keep Us Here Ensemble Random House Audio
The Flappers – Vixen Narrator Listening Library
The Flappers – Ingenue Narrator Listening Library
April and Oliver Narrator Random House Audio
Come to Win Ensemble Harper Audio
Every Little Thing in the World Narrator Listening Library
Thirsty Narrator Random House Audio


Company Role Medium Advertising Agency
Acura Announcer Radio  Mullen
Indie 500 Announcer Radio Team One
McDonalds Announcer Radio Davis Elen
Pala Casinos Announcer TV/Radio Davis Elen
American Airlines Announcer TV Temerlin McClain
Diet Coke Announcer TV Wieden & Kennedy
Helio Phones Announcer TV Deutch
Hoover Vacuum Announcer TV Element 79 Partners
Weight Watchers Mom TV Young and Rubican
Electrolux Vacuum Announcer TV Doner
Ritz-Carlton Hotel Announcer Radio Team One
Hilton Hotel Announcer TV The Seiden Group
Toyota Camry Woman Radio Team One
Venetia Kitchens Announcer TV Doner
Zicam Announcer TV McCann Erickson
Stanford Hospitals Announcer TV McCann Erickson
Lexus Announcer Radio Team One
Belvedere Vodka TAG Radio Wieden & Kennedy
Toshiba Internet

Video Games/Animation

Role Producer
Darksiders III Pride Gunfire Games
Cars 3 Simulator Pixar
XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen Skirmisher Soldier Firaxis Games Inc.
DOOM (2016) Olivia id Software
Star Wars Old Republic Senya LucasArts
Star Wars Uprising Leka Pali LucasArts
Doom 4 Olivia id Software
Syndicate Pedestrian Starbreeze Studios
Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Female Fighter Bioware
Infamous: Second Son Fighter Sucker Punch Products
Dishonored Brigmore Witch Arkane Studios
Syndicate Pedestrian Electronic Arts
Reckoing – Kingdoms of Amalur Trailer/Ayln Shir Big Games
Pictionary Announcer Electronic Arts
Guild Wars Narrator Blindlight
Justice League of America Queen Bee Warner Brothers
Darkwatch Tala Black Powder Media
Turoq Scientist Blindlight Productions
Rogue Galaxy Witch Savant Productions
Might and Magic Heroes Sarah Black Hole Entertainment
Lineage II Dark Elf Allakhazam
Blood Plus Julia (series regular) Sony Animation


Calspas Announcer
City of Hope Announcer
Mind/Body Announcer
Toshiba Announcer


Role Producer
Princess Kitchen Princess Disney
Princess Cash Register Princess Disney


Role Producer
Upgrade Kara Leigh Whannell Director,
Blumhouse Productions
Ready Player One ADR Amblin Entertainment
Sing ADR Warner Brothers
Black Panther ADR Marvel
Cars 3 ADR Pixar
Curb Your Enthusiasm ADR HBO
Star Wars ADR ABC
Mad Max ADR Warner Brothers
American Sniper ADR Warner Brothers
Guardians of the Galaxy ADR Marvel
Ant Man ADR Marvel
Sleepy Hollow ADR 20th Century Fox
The Black List ADR Sony Pictures
Scorpion ADR Warner Brothers
The Great Gatsby ADR Warner Brothers
Seal Team Six ADR The Weinstein Company
Unstoppable ADR 20th Century Fox
Percy Jackson and the Olympians ADR 20th Century Fox
The Pacific ADR HBO
Amusement Looping supporting role Warner Brothers
Too Big To Fail ADR HBO
How I Met Your Mother Voice of audio book 20th Century Fox
The Soloist ADR Paramount
Changeling ADR NBC Universal
Cirque du Freak ADR NBC Universal
The Banquet Looping lead role Warner Brothers
The Dark Knight ADR Warner Brothers
My Sisters’ Keeper ADR Warner Brothers
Conviction ADR 20th Century Fox


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